Beef Jerky Recipes

how to make beef jerkyPremium beef jerky, the great outdoors and America’s ties to them both. Pemmican’s philosophy is built on these patriotic bonds, and we plan to keep it alive as long as possible. A wise man once told us, “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.” So that’s what we did. Our entire stock of beef is grass-fed and monitored by us from pasture to package so we can ensure the highest quality and care.

We don’t just toss our premium beef jerky in a few random spices and call it a day, either. Each of the seven intriguing Pemmican Beef Jerky flavors has its own set of mouth-watering seasoning combinations to set it apart–not only the other styles of Pemmican, but all other jerky brands.

Recipes Using Beef Jerky

Obviously, our Pemmican Beef Jerky is meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Whether you’re on a hike, in your tent or have a fishing pole in-hand, a pouch of Pemmican shouldn’t be far behind. But, as much as these activities breathe American outdoor living, so does delicious home cooking. Pemmican’s beef jerky recipes combine our flavorful jerky with other complementing ingredients to create unique beef jerky meals and side dishes. Some of our favorites are:

For a healthier alternative, Pemmican is introducing organic beef jerky. Containing no preservatives, MSG or nitrates. Pemmican Organic Jerky is a great in any of our beef jerky recipes or enjoyed au naturel.

Buy Pemmican Beef Jerky to Spice Up Your Recipes

If you want to try one of our recipes using beef jerky but don’t have enough of the stuff to go around, you can buy wholesale beef jerky from our online Pemmican store. We sell various package sizes up to shareable one-pound bags so no one will have to be without our succulent, down-home jerky for long. Help keep our philosophy alive; enjoy America by enjoying Pemmican beef jerky.